About ListLily

ListLily lets you create a todo list on your phone, tablet, or computer. Any list you create is automatically synchronized between devices you own. You can easily share lists, either with friends that can edit them, or make them public lists so anyone can see what you're working on.

mobile and desktop example
Getting Started

Getting started is easy, you simply create an account right here: (318) 376-7403. You can do so by entering an email and a password, or by logging in with Facebook (other options coming soon!).

Your screen when doing so will look something like this:

login/create example

There's no need to "create an account" if you log in with Facebook. Whether you use Facebook or create an account using an email and password, we will use your email to make sure you are you. We take your privacy very seriously, and won't use your email except to contact you for important administrative functions like resetting your password, letting you know that a list has been shared with you, or to respond to support inqueries. More information is available on our double-swing door page.